YY1 TripEdvisors - Hong Kong Heritage Museum

2023-02-18 (星期六)
活動類別:學術  ¦  文化  ¦  藝術  ¦  活動

On 18th February 2023, a group of F.3 students visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum which presents a unique mix of history, art and culture in a great variety of exhibitions and programmes. The students found the exhibitions entertaining and enlightening. During the morning trip, they explored the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, the Jin Yong Gallery, the Chao Shao-an Gallery and the Hong Kong Pop 60+. Among these permanent exhibitions, the students were particularly interested in the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall and the Hong Kong Pop 60+ as they could explore Hong Kong’s past and learn to preserve Hong Kong’s diverse culture and create a better future. At the same time, the students were amazed by a special exhibition called ‘A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee’ which gave them a better understanding of the internationally renowned megastar Bruce Lee. The legend of Bruce Lee has inspired our students to go beyond their limits.

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